Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Surrogates (PG-13)

Surrogates is one of those movies that when I saw the trailer I thought "this looks interesting". It was. It was a decent movie. Thankfully to its credit it is only 90 minutes long, which suits the movie well.

The premise of the movie is that everyone uses a surrogate robot to interact in the world. The people who control them stay at home isolated and control the robots remotely. Stuff goes down and Bruce Willis' character has to go out as himself without a robot.

The premise was good enough, but the execution and storyline just didn't really carry me throughout the film. It starts off strong, but then kinda struggles to get through the second and third acts of the movie. Don't get me wrong, there is a "twist" ending, that you'll see from a mile away, but the ending is well done and might be worth the 90 minute wait just to watch how its done.

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