Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Wall-E (G)

This past weekend Jenn and I took our nephews to see Wall-E. I had been waiting to go see it, hoping that they hadn't seen it yet. I mean, if you're going to go see a new Pixar movie, shouldn't it be with kids!?

So we went, and it was a very good, fun, enjoyable movie. The premise is that of a little robot, named Wall-E, who is working through Earth's trash while its inhabitants are out in space waiting for the place to get cleaned up. We find out during the movie, that this process has been going on for 700 years!

Many reviews that read about this movie talked about the lack of dialog in the beginning of the movie. From my perspective, yes, there is a lack of human to human dialog at the beginning, but in no way does it detract from the movie. In some ways it even adds. Its neat to see some ways of non-verbal communication and see the ways you can communicate information without typical words.

The movie itself is quite amusing with the typical good story that Pixar is now renowned for coming up with. One of my favorite parts, I'll list two here, are such: first, when Wall-E boots up, he boots up with the Mac OS boot sound, very funny to me. Second, when you see the people in space, there is a comment that there may be some slight bone loss due to prolonged space flight, and then it shows a graph of the people who went from fit, to extremely unfit, again, very funny.

Overall this movie was great. Great for kids. Great for adults. So get out there and see it!

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