Friday, August 1, 2008

Oceans 13 (PG-13)

Last night we watched Oceans 13. Very good movie, very enjoyable. For those that have followed this storyline, there was the original remake for Oceans 11, then the terrible follow up of 12. This one luckily leaves the crap from 12 behind and goes back to the good storyline of the first movie.

In the story a new character played by Al Pacino screws over Reuben (Elliot Gould) out of his land and money. In doing so Reuben becomes sick and bed ridden. The team of Clooney and Pitt get the gang back together to get even with Pacino's character, even involving the former target of their crimes.

What made this movie enjoyable was its quick wit, good storyline, and good characters. I mean, by this time, we all know the characters, and we know what to expect from them. However, the movie is still able to give you new information about these old characters, enough to get you re-engaged in the storyline. There is plenty of twists and setups just as you would expect as well. I'd definitely recommend this movie to anyone looking for a good 2 hours of good film to watch.