Thursday, April 10, 2008

Walk Hard The Dewey Cox Story

Last night a bunch of friends got together to watch a movie. When I heard it was "Walk Hard" I was about to just go ahead and leave. I'm pretty picky when it comes to movies and this movie looked awful from the beginning. The commercials made it look like a spoof movie, similar to Superhero Movie, or Meet the Spartans. There is a fine line in spoof movies, very few have in my mind succeeded since Airplane!, and this movie looked to be one of the worst.

The trailers set you up for failure. Prop-falls, slapstick, an actor who has never had to carry a movie on his own. I heard the movie got pretty good reviews, but I never had any desire to actually pay to check it out.

The movie was very surprising. I laughed out loud on numerous occasions which is pretty good considering most lowbrow movie humor gets more of a groan from me than actual laughter. The acting was about what you would expect form this type of movie. John C. Reilly carried the movie very well, but the supporting cast really shined. Every scene had a way of throwing a cameo in, and some of them were great. The jokes were well placed without being overdone. Too many times in movies like this the jokes are written on a wall for you and beat into your head a hundred times to make sure you got it. It may have been Judd Apatow's doing, who also produced Superbad and Knocked Up, but this movie was pretty good from top to bottom.

I don't expect it to win any awards, but it exceeded my expectations enough to get 4 movie reels.